Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photos from Today's Ride

Spectacular Day, Spectacular Ride. 30 dreegres to start, 41 degrees in the middle and about 39 to finish.
The ride started around 11:00am and headed Southwest to Sherborn, Framingham and Ashland,
We saw a "Crescent Ridge Dairy" truck and I asked Brad if he had ever tried there Egg Nog. He said "No" so I yelled and stopped the truck and bought a quart. (Its that good!) The Sherborn police pulled up and put his blue lights on and asked if everything was OK. I said "No Officer, we were out of Egg Nog and flagged the truck down." He understood and drove off. (He knew how good there Egg Nog is, I think.)
When we got to Ashland, We headed in to the woods and went Across the Ashland State Park off road and on to Lunch at the John Stone Inn. Dogfish 60 Minute on tap. Brad had the Berkshire Rye.The Clam and Smoked Fish chowder was better then I expected. Brad had a Sandwich.
Afterwards we did the northern route to Longfellow's Wayside Inn for desert.When we got to the Inn, We bumped into Richard the Miller at the Grist Mill. Richard has run the Grist Mill for 35 years, seen in the back ground of last weeks Tuesday ride photos. I Introduced Brad and Richard and we went to the tap room for Mississippi Mud Pie and Sam Smith's Nut Brown Ale.
We made it back to Dover in Daylight and enjoyed a bottle of French Country style ale and Vermont Cheddar Cheese.
Hope you can come next week. We had a Blast!
Here are toady's photos:

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