Monday, December 7, 2009

The Best Seat in the House

There are few things that I enjoy doing as much as riding bicycles. One thing I absolutely love to do is Fishing. When I put the two together, I have a day to remember.
With all the rain we had this past year, instead of long rides with the chance of being miles from home and caught, I decided to do shorter rides under 50 miles and take up my old hobby of fishing. I'm not so sure if the fishing was any better this year then in the past, but for me it was great.
The Charles River surrounds the town of Dover with many places near by to fish. Fish love dark conditions and flowing water. Spots on the Charles are plentiful. I wouldn't want to eat the fish, but good sized fish can be caught most of the time. Catch and Release is something that confuses non-fishermen as a whole, but for me there is nothing like holding a large fish under the water and slowly letting it go, Sometimes they just sit there and swim off slowly and other times they take off like a rocket. I love that part!
In my youth fishing was as easy as grabbing a pole from the basement, worms from the garden and a bicycle from the garage. Our pond of choice was a mill pond about a mile from my family's house in a lot of woodlands called Peabody's Woods. Fishing at "Peabody's Pond" was good, Mostly Large Mouth Bass and Sun Fish, The Sunny's always put up a good fight, but when the Bass started to hit, The Sun Fish would go away. My guess is that Large Mouth Bass eat Sun Fish.
Hours were spent at Peabody's Pond, fishing, swimming, and just hanging around. It was and still is a very beautiful spot.
Now, trying to be a responsible Adult, I always start off the year by buying a Massachusetts Fishing License. They are now $27.00 and can be bought on line or in established fishing shops. I figure the best place to buy a licence is The Natick Outdoor Store. The people there are great and there stock of bait and tackle is good sized. They always have exactly what I'm looking for. I like the idea that when I buy my Fishing License there that they get a piece of the action.
Up grading my equipment this past year was cheaper then you might think. The cost of fishing tackle is very reasonable and a good sized selection of things you will actually need to go fishing can be purchased for under $50.00.
I will never forget the first time I went fishing on my recumbent. As usual, I strapped my Fishing pole onto my frame and my small tackle box in the pack.
The pond of choice was a pond about a half mile from my home, all down hill. Stocked with Trout once a year, Channing pond is a man made skating pond that is fed by Trout Brook. Trout Brook runs North from Channing Pond to the Charles River about 2 Miles away. Perfect for the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries to stock.
As I got closer to the bank of the pond I looked around to the best place for me to park. As I got closer I thought to myself, "Where am I going to park, Where am I going to fish?" I got closer and closer to the waters edge and came up to a small Maple tree. I rolled up along side of the tree, and without getting off the bicycle, Leaned the seat up against the tree.
I never got off the bike to fish that day. I just stayed seated, sat back and enjoyed the afternoon listening to my Cambridge Soundworks sound system (another story) and feeling that that day in Dover, I had the best seat in the house!

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