Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Wake up Screaming!

It happens every year about this time. Tired of Winter but with spring in view.
Dealing with snow can be fun at first. Turning everything around so to see things in a positive light. You know, ice dams, frozen doors. cold blowing head winds and the towns snow plow that just re-filled the opening of my little driveway I just shoveled out, twice.
If there is anything good about it, I will find it.
Like Tyler Hamilton said, "embrace the pain!" There is only so much one can take and looking at the calender has me happy that we will have warm weather soon. Nice to see January and February pass. On to March and the lion to the lamb myth.
It happens every year. In the middle of a dream, sound asleep, I realize that its not the end of February at all, but the beginning of November. I should know better by now and just laugh, but it always works best to force myself awake out of a very, very bad dream. The dream of eternal Winter!

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