Saturday, February 19, 2011

When Fast Equals Easy

The American way has us believing that fast is best. Fast anything is sexy and slow is not. As we get older, we get slower. Not all physical, when we get old, sometimes we realize that there just isn't any reason to do things fast.
Here in the United States we turn anything into a contest. There are extremes that are just plain silly. Take for instants, Hot Dogs. Every year on the 4th of July on Coney Island there is now a world famous Hot Dog Eating Race.

Hot Dogs were meant to be eaten slowly and enjoy, Weren't they?
Some people are born slow. There the ones that notice things that most people are going too fast to see. They take things into consideration that most of us don't. Every step is something new and a new experience.
Sometimes it drives us crazy. Like standing in line, waiting for a turn when the person in front of you is taking their sweet time counting e v e r y Penny and with very little consideration of the fast folk in back.
Narrow roads and slow drivers cause problems in a world that is otherwise fast.
Waiting until the last moment to do things is American and turns slow people into fast ones. Taking their, again, sweet time and going slow, could cause one to become fast without practice and really miss important hazards that would be otherwise noticed if the overall speed of things were to be adjusted to maybe,,, moderate?
Certain tools make moving fast easier to enjoy the benefits of slow living.
Recumbent Bicycles for one offer heads up fast riding that have you seeing things otherwise missed. Less work with less wind resistance allows you to move easier with less work and enjoy your ride.
Although the benefits of Recumbent aerodynamic design are best utilized at speed. a lighter bike is less work and easier to enjoy slow living.
Fast Bicycles equal Easy in my book. Pro cyclists ride light bicycles because there easier to go fast on. A real proof of strength would have them on heavy bikes. Say,, 150 lbs? Talk about high speed downhill action
I have heard many customers say "I don't want to go fast!" What I hear is "I don't want my life to be easy! Sell me the cheep heavy one!"
I finish by saying,"From the short time we have known each other, I like you. I just don't want you to work any harder then you really need to!


  1. My Tour Easy LE is 33 lbs. It is heavy compared to my wifes 25 lbs. Trek but it is faster and much more comfortable. Exercise helps. A strong engine equals a faster, easier bike ride.

  2. You should try something lighter someday! Its easier!


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