Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day Trip to New Bedford

Today was a great day for a road trip, so we put the bikes in the back of the Rambler and headed South to see the other Massachusetts whaling village.
New Bedford and the New Bedford Whaling Museum are a short drive from Boston and worth the journey.

Like going back in time, the historical district is quite nice. The city has gone through major changes over the past 25 years and the museum has been completely re-done. Beautifully enlarged and modernized. The Kendal Whaling Museum's collection has been added now that they closed down in Sharon
A half scale model of a whaling ship sits in the center of a grand hall with paintings and tools all around it.

The upper deck of the grand hall allows you to look down and get a real feel of this wonderful exhibit.
Scrimshaw and harpoons and specfacular oil paintings are in many different rooms on 3 different floors.
The most impressive part for me was the 6 actual skeletons of whales letting you really get a feel of the size of these incredible sea mammals.
Ten dollars for an adult, the museum is open every day of the week and very easy to find from the highway. Easy cheap and safe parking and a great place to start a ride.
Here are some of the photos of the collection and shots around town from the ride.

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  1. Scott

    Sorry I missed you when you were in New Bedford, we have been in Arizona the past month biking and just got back. Glad you liked the Whaling Museum, wife is a docent there .Hope you tried out the Celtic Coffee shop next to the museum .

    Larry Shwartz


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