Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Bye February!

Is there any reader that's going to miss this past month? Not me!
Loaded with cold and snow, I don't think that there was one day that we forgot about Old Man Winter. We remembered warmer days from our past, hoping they will be nice days coming soon.
Oh for a hot, sunny New England afternoon! Long ride with new places followed by snacks on the deck in Dover and possably a little Foosball in the cool shade in the barn? YES!
Cold weather cycling builds character. I look around at my friends and the people I know and we just don't need any more! Right?
March is a great month. Any snow we get at this time of year won't stick around because of the strong sun's rays. Our first glimpse of warmer weather will be here any day now. Just not Thursday where morning temperatures are said to be in the teens.

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  1. And that Main Street-roasted coffee with toast. I need a new bike!


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