Friday, February 18, 2011

61 Degrees Warm!

Its been a while since e have seen 61 in these parts. 61 degrees warm! Nothing cold about that!
Cloudy and warm this afternoon. Warm weather brings snow melt that reveal black walls on the roadside. Not nice, these banks of black are a far cry from the "Winter Wonderland" we remember from weeks past. Like the bugs of Summer a part of Winter we like to forget. Puddles and shoulders of ice line our favorite back roads with little automobile traffic to break them away. Cycling in straight lines is not staying dry. A good day for fenders, or what the British call "Mud Guards"
It wont be long before the Maples are tapped and boiling sap. A favorite harbinger of Spring. Buckets appear on trees you wouldn't expect to be Maple. Smoke pours from a small shed, syrup flows and fills the air with the sweet smell of New England Spring!

Enjoy the video below.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful video Scott! At first I thought it was a meth lab and then I read your post!


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