Monday, February 21, 2011

The Best Time to Buy a Recumbent

At Wheelworks, I'm asked often, "When is the best time to buy a Recumbent?"
Of course there is no time like the time the question is asked, but Winter is the very best time for a number of reasons.
Winter at the bicycle shop is slow. Business as usual at this time of year is reduced because of less demand and cold outdoor temperatures.
I love this time of year to take care of my customers. Of course I give all the time needed to have my customers feel cared for during the season, but Winter months allow me to really cross the t's and dot the i's so to speak.
Things like removing the wheels, removing the tires to teach how to change a flat are things covered the during the season we just don't have time for.
Test rides can be a little hard with poor road conditions and cold temperatures, but at the right time, enough training can be covered to figure out if the new Recumbent customer is suited for the bike. I like to have the bike sell itself and not force a sale just because at this time of year we need the sale.
Over all, the customer feels taken care of when there is lots of time.
Warmer days can have other customers wanting to sit in on a sale to listen as if it is an expected part of retail sales. Customers that make a point to make a appointment usually don't want strangers in on their sale. When it comes to helping them, I want things to be right.
Warmer months bring everyone out at the same time to shop for a new bicycle. I have heard it before, "Its like the customer thinks that they were the only one to notice the nice day and think that its now time to shop for a Bicycle." Much to their surprise, there are many more with the same idea. It angers them that they made the effort and the store is crowded.
Colder times and quieter bicycle shops are a great time to visit,see and learn about this different style of bicycle and sport. Changes in design over time are introduced in the Spring and being the first to place an order will have you "First on Your Block" to be enjoying your new ride!

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