Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Check This Out

I will always wear a helmet while riding for the respect from drivers alone, But the talk does shine a little light on urban use and how possibly folks could be lead to believe dangers that for 99% of your riding, isn't dangerous at all. For me, today the helmet will simply keep my head warm.
The title I think is only an eye grabber for a far more important issue, Bikes and Cars working together. Click on the URL below and take the time to watch this little talk.

1 comment:

  1. Scott:

    Interesting, but not entirely convincing. I've gone down (on a DF) hard enough to crack my helmet. Sincerely doubt that having a brain box on led me to ride recklessly on that one! It would be interesting to see how accident statistics break down by age / gender. Personally, a helmet kept me, at the least, from a bad head injury. I won't ride without one! I also won't hassle folks who don't.


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