Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Month Closer to Warmer Weather!

January went quickly. It seems like just last week we were doing our New Years Day Ride. Hard to believe we were gifted with an almost 60 degree day!
Its snowing to beat the band here in Dover. Unless there is a world breaking amount of snow melt within the next 24 hours, any Groundhog in these parts wont be able to dig his way out. I think were in for a lot more winter and more than a ton of new snow.
So beautiful and exactly I love for a Winter day off from the bike shop. One can only imagine how long the day will go today at the store. Having floor to ceiling windows never helps to speed up a no business, snowy Winter day. Clock watching floor mopping and Snow shoveling. That's all that will be happening today, I'm sure!
Its going to be a really long time before we see bare ground again, and dry, warm roads, Just another daydream of wonderful days past and great days to come.
Now, just where did I leave my Snowshoes? Maybe we can get a Sleigh! Thats kind of like a Recumbent isn't it Danni?

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