Friday, April 16, 2010

The Weekday Ride

There's Nothing like Weekday Cycle touring in New England. I have heard it shouted as we ride along through the countryside and its true.

Not only do we have the roads to ourselves between the hours of Ten and Three, but the rest stops too. Of course there is an occasional truck or Mini Van with Mom and child, doing their job, but long stretches of back roads can be enjoyed with out fighting for space.
The other riders notice it too! You see it in there faces and there loud 'Hello!" shouted from the other side of the road. Something you just don't see on Week End rides with the mass of riders out. The cars are tired of passing bikes and the bikes are tired of dealing with cars. Sometimes it seems its all you do, avoid the cars and stay alive. Like bicycle commuting and like a big live video game, "Don't Get Crushed".
Arriving at lunch spots and not having to wait for a seat, let alone a seat you can see the bikes from is never a problem on weekdays.
As the weather warms and Outdoor Seating becomes available, it will always be available on week days.
If your lucky enough to have the time off you know what I'm writing about. And if you don't, Maybe its time to give it a try. You will like it!

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