Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Roller, April 4th

Spectacular ride. Two riders 50 miles all told. 16.9 mph average speed, 4 cameras. Not too fast, not too slow. We met as scheduled
at 8:00 and started the ride shorty after. Traffic was low because of Easter morning family festivities. We followed the Boston Marathon route backwards to Downtown Framingham and then on to the center at route 9.
The back roads after that point are beautiful. My plan was to get to Babe Ruth's house and take a couple of photos to post on this Blog today for "Opening Day" at Fenway Park, and then stop at the Wayside Inn for some things. After we would do the high speed blast with the tail wind and the downhills into Waltham on Route 20. Much to my surprise, there was no traffic on 20. Very unusual for one of the most traveled roads in the state. For most of the ride back, it was closed to traffic because of the flooding. It was like riding on a huge bike trail!
Check out the photos, Its hard to recognize the road without the heavy traffic that we see most of the time.
All in all, A Great Ride!

The "Babe's" house in view.

Car Free, Route 20, April 4th, 2010, 78 degrees!

Dream Like!

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