Saturday, April 17, 2010

Its Getting Green

It's getting green here in New England. Everything is popping!
Look out the window and then look 30 minutes later. You will notice the difference. Its Great.
Snow flurries are forecasted for tonight here in Southern New England, but hardly enough to cause a dusting of any sort. Warmer weather is on the way and for the moment we will deal with the damp.
Its a good time to put the bike up and give it a good cleaning. A clean bike makes roadside repairs easier and less dirty when the job is done.
Check your on the road repair kit. I never travel without 2 tubes and a patch kit with a piece of nylon cloth to boot a tire slash. Look inside and maybe add something to make your flat tire repairs go a little smoother, Maybe something in a plastic bag to clean up with or possibly rubber gloves.
Taking the time to plan ahead is worth the time taken, always.

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