Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Peepers

The Peepers! Not many people have ever seen them, but every year at this time they start to do there peeping thing around dusk.
One of the first signs of spring, my daughter and I have tried to beat each other to the punch by reporting over the phone the first peep. Most years, I win, but for some reason, most likely the rain, This year, I lost.

Years ago, I remember a ride through the countryside with a friend on our Alex Moulton's. My friend, Peter Fuller. At that time he was the parts buyer at the Bicycle Exchange. Peter is known for his very dry since of humor. As the day went on and it began to get dark, we heard the first peep. We stopped and listened for a while as the sound grew louder. I mentioned to him how much I loved the peepers and how over the years it had become for me the first real true sign of Spring. I loved being told by the peeping noise that we weren't going back to Winter for a while. He agreed and said that he would miss them if they were not to return. I asked if he had ever seen one of the supposed thumb nail sized frogs. He looked at me with wide eye's and said, "No One Has!"

Click on the start button below for a short recording Frank Cunningham and I did Tuesday night, April 6th in the wetlands of Dover. The Police showed up and with there megaphone and spotlight and told us to come out of the woods. I came out and whispered, "Were recording the Peepers" Only in Dover would an Officer of the Law pat you on the shoulder and apologize with a little laugh, totally understanding the importance of our project.

"The Unseen" (Can't see the peeper's? Ether did we!)

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