Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Right of the White is Right

Almost daily I hear stories about rude drivers and how cyclists are treated on the road. "Share the Road" means nothing to some drivers and Cyclists alike.
When ever I hear of some incident when a driver throws a fit over a bicycle rider. I start thinking.
Whats going on here. Who is in fact in the wrong?
Having ridden for years I have had my share of totally unexplained driver outrage, but for the most part wrote it off as stupid people doing stupid stuff. Put them behind the wheel of a car or on a bicycle trying to prove a point and watch out! Put the two together and,,, one can only imagine!
I have to think that there is no answer as to how to deal with someone who takes his rage onto the street and wants to take it out on a total stranger, but I have been lucky. Blame it on the high cost of living and the problems the poor driver has. His wife and kids, or just his bad attitude in general. Just please don't blame it on me.
For the most part, I stay to the right of the white line. Its a fun game I love to practice and at times ride the curb. Drivers give me extra room when they see me trying to stay out of the road and because of it, cycling is more fun.
I never choose to ride where there are cars or even roads with white lines, but on my daily commute and shopping, it's hard to avoid.
Of course staying to the right has you in the broken glass at times, but a flat is easier mended then a broken arm or face.
Be safe, be right and try to stay to the right. My rule for me.

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