Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get Lost!

For me,there is nothing like finding a new place. The feeling that its mine and that no one else was involved in leading me there is one of the best feelings in the world
For years I have loved the moment of really not knowing where I am when on a ride. Having somewhat of an Idea what direction is what is always good, but as long as I'm not lost in full on suburbia, or culdasak-ville, I'm fine.
Years ago, I was working for a Rock Band and traveling up and down the east coast, I was in charge of lighting that also included film as effects. During the day, I could ride to where ever my heart said go. Some of the spots were incredible and will remain in my mind forever. (Or as long as I keep wearing a helmet!)
After the show one night we packed the truck and headed North from Biglerville, Pa to Halifax Nova Scotia. I always tryed my hardest to stay awake sitting in the passenger seat of our boxed back truck, but always fell asleep. I woke to find the truck driving off the road at speed. I punched the driver and told him to wake up and pull over to sleep. At that point I was wide awake, Really wide awake!
I unloaded my bike and headed out for an early Sunday morning ride. We had been on the road since 3:00 am and now it was 6:00 am. 4 hours driving North should have put us somewhere in New York State. It was that moment that I realized that I had no idea, not only what town I was in, but also no idea, what state. Wow, Cool!
I rode for about 10 miles. It was beautiful. Twisty turney and Farms. The road was like a tape and the sides of the road, very clean. No trash, Beautifully painted and kept buildings.
I came back out to what I thought must have been the same highway at a different exit and to a Stucky's. There are no Stuckys where I'm from, so I know I wasn't near home.
As I pulled in to the parking lot, a VW Beetle with Mass plates entered from the other side,two fellows in Field Jackets hopped out and when I asked them if they knew what state this was, they said they did not know.
We all walked into the restaurant together. We were greeted by a young girl at the counter and when I asked where we all were, she thought it was a joke.
Turned out we were still in Pennsylvania. The driver of the truck had gotten lost and drove around for 2 hours trying to find his way.
The serendipitous moments of being lost on the bicycle can be presious. Sometimes.
Go get lost today! You just might find something that you may someday want to return to. And remember, Bring a camera!

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