Friday, April 9, 2010

Lock Up Your Bicycle

Never lock up anything on the street and walk away from it, that You cant afford to loose or want to have to replace.
My list is long. My TV, my stove, my checkbook, my friends and family and my Bacchetta Corsa SS.
You take a chance loosing anything you leave unattended no matter where you are. It only takes one person to want what you have and they don't, to loose something that then, they will have, and you won't.
No matter what you choose for a "locking system", The frame and wheel can be quickly cut with a one dollar hack saw blade and the thief walk away with enough expensive components to build what ever they need to ride or sell. A simple set of handle bars can cost as much as $150.00 to replace now a days with the high cost of shifters, brake levers, bar and stem.
I always have a back up bicycle that if needed, I can use to go in to Boston or Cambridge and lock for an hour or two without the chance of loosing any of my good bikes. It makes the trip far more relaxing having the piece of mind that my good bikes are home safe.
I was asked by my friend Mike at Bacchetta, if I could take a few photos of when I need to run into a store, how I choose to lock up. Here is how I choose to do it.

First thing, I never have to go looking for a key to fit my many locks. The key is always with the lock and when in use, clipped to my helmet strap. I lave lost many keys, bicycle lock keys being number one. About 7 years ago I started tying the key to the lock and putting the remaining keys on nails in my shop. I haven't lost a key since. The strap to the key must be long enough to lock the lock while on the lock and not be difficult to use. The straps length is large enough to get around my wrist.

Second, I use locking skewers. If you choose to use these, its best to leave a little extra skewer past the locking cap rather then cutting them flush as I did. The center pin will make it easier to hold the hey in place while tightening or loosening the skewer.

The Bicycle now can be locked by the top tube or main frame easily.
Your bike is only as safe as the closest person that wants to steal your bicycle.
Remember if you ever loose your key, it is in fact a very good thing that the lock can be removed by someone close by. At Wheelworks we only charge $20.00 to remove a U shaped lock. Its not hard. Remember, The lock is only a deterrent. Period.

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