Thursday, February 18, 2010

When Technology Controls You.

All of our gizmo's and gadgets are supposed to help us. Were persuaded to purchase new designs to make our life easier everyday. When I look at a new high tec item I think to myself how much easier things will be with the new technology and how cool it will be to use it. Set it and Forget it!
Many a time heading out for a ride, I have turned around and gone back to get the item I was planning to take on the ride. My Garmin GPS is one of them. Of course I know where I'm going for the most part, but just having it along tracking my course and logging my miles. What I miss the most is the clock. Glancing down to see how much more time I have to ride, or how long its taking me, has become habit and something I have a hard time doing without, especially during the cold months when my wrist watch is buried under 3 layers of clothing.
It seems now that I never go out with anything less then 2 cameras. One for the stills for the Blog and one for the videos. I figure my shooting ratio for this Blog is about 10-1, so for every Photo you see posted, there as many as 9 you wont. As for the Videos, I shoot about 2-1.
Yesterday was really a beautiful day. When the sun came up over the trees around 8:30am here in Dover, it was a total 'Winter Wonderland" Evan the birds at the feeder were noticing. You could clearly tell by the way they were playing around in the snow and with each other.
The plan for the day was to finish the snow removal, straighten out the inside of the Barn Mess, and head out for a long ride.
I started by getting everything I needed in Down Town Dover with a quick ride to the store. I thought that after the long ride, heading straight home would be best.
I got back to the house from "DC" (Dover Center) and was ready to head out for the long ride/shoot by 9:30.
Packed and what I thought was ready, I headed South for the day. The streets were in great shape and the traffic light.
It was so beautiful out, hard to keep your eyes on the road,beautiful. Always looking for another shot.
I made it to the Charles River, AKA: "The Mighty Chuck" When I had to stop. You can see the photos from yesterdays post.
After walking around for about 30 minuets, I decided to go on to the next photo opp.
But only one more photo, . That's when I realized that my "SanDisc, Memory Stick Duo, 2.0 GB, Magic Gate, was left at home.You can see it there to the right. No bigger then a postage stamp, the missing thingy stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked down the street at all the missed opportunity's and the much needed miles on the bike.
At first I thought that I could delete the unwanted photos as I went along, but the internal memory of my camera would only allow 12 photo at the resolution and file size I like to shoot in.
I had no choice, I would head back to the house and get the little card an go on.
As I rode back, I thought it would be best to upload the photos I had already taken to this Blog for anyone waiting for the daily post. It would also be good to see if I would need to go back and re shoot anything.
I got back to the house and never left. I of course uploaded the work and thought that it would be really nice to stop for lunch.
I ended up baking bread yesterday and putzing around the house. I even took a nap in front of the fire while watching a movie.
My day was changed for the better by the missing Memory Card. The "Shop Cold" that's going around Wheelworks, I felt I had brought home with me is now gone. The extra rest traded for the extra miles worked quite well.
Sometimes its really nice to have the time and allow our new technology's to control our day.

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