Thursday, February 25, 2010

Views of Echo Bridge


The Boston Water Works stone arch over the Charles River In Newton Upper Falls is really something to see. Spanning the River from Newton to Needham, Echo Bridge was at one time the second longest arch in America. According to my GPS readings this morning The bridge spans 490 feet and its ends are 81 feet off the surface of the river.
The construction of this incredible granite and brick arch began in 1875 and was finished in 1877.
Known as Echo Bridge because standing at the waters edge on the Newton side and broadcasting up into the large arch, you will clearly hear 9 distinctive echo returns.
Inside the arch is a 12 foot brick pipe that once brought water from the Wachusett Reservoir in Clinton,Ma.The aqueduct is no longer used.
It has been said that when this huge undertaking of construction was completed, it was already obsolete and plans for the Quban Reservoir began shortly after.
Well worth a bicycle trip and a short stopover,crossing on top of the arch gives you a spectacular view of "Hemlock Gorge" below and a clear feeling that they just dont build them like this anymore.

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