Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do Something Special Today

Valentines Day comes once a year. I have spent the day in Paris and felt that there is no better place on Earth to be on the Holiday of love, But you know, Anywhere will do.
I run into people all the time the tell me that Valentines Day is nothing but a commercial drag and that its just for spending money. Fabricated by some marketing agency to make you show that you care by going out and buying something, and if you don't, Your just not a good, caring person.
After being told how evil Valentines day was by a women I use to know, I asked her what she thought of St Patricks Day. Oh, She Loved St Patrick's Day! She was Turkish.

I was once told that Valentines Day is dreaded by Restaurantures world wide because this is the day that Everyone is Special! Everyone! And of course,, its Their Special Day!

Growing up we really didn't have much money. I know, Living in Dover, Poor Child! But we didn't. (My Dad once told me, "Everybody in this town thinks there rich! Go down town in the morning and watch them all drive out!)
Mom loved the Holidays, All of them. She even hand made a mailbox cover for each 'Special Day" Usually out of scraps and things to show appreciation for the day. Maybe a little Corny, but Sweet. She use to send us to school dressed for the occation, A flower for the teacher or a Carnation pined to our lapel

Valentines Day Speciality's don't take much, It can be as simple as cutting a red piece of paper into a heart with a one liner printed on it. Given at the right moment can be all it takes.

In this day and age, money may be tight. Maybe its the best time to show that your not "Tight" with your love.
Do Something Special Tomorrow, Im sure you will like the results!

Paris, Valentines Day Evening. What Fun!

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