Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bridges of What County?

From here to there. Bridging the gap. From one side to the other.
Such an important part of our life's and what a great way to do it.
Talk about taking things for granted! How many times have we crossed these beautiful field stone works of art not even knowing that there has been a change in the road. Just as long as you don't hit an on coming car is all it seems to mater.
The bridge above is the site of one of the oldest crossings of the Charles River in South Natick, The first bridge was built by the "Praying Indians" before 1650.
I love the old bridges. A historical landmark. Its fun getting off the bike and taking a moment to see exactly what they look like from the water's view.
A couple times a week, I post a photo of a bridge. I'm sure most readers like seeing the picture, but one reader, Chris calls me and tells me exactly where the bridge is. His score is 100%. Nice that he knows!

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