Friday, February 26, 2010

Heavy Rain, Strong Wind and Lost Shots

It rained most of the night last night. The river is over flowing at some of the streets here. The ride in today will be interesting.

What a beautiful morning. The streets were washed clean and blown dry by the heavy rain and strong wind. The sky was ever changing. Sunny at times and for a moment on Route 16 in Wellesley there was a breif "snow shower" causing the dusting to blow down the street like a wave. Beautiful!

I spent the morning filming and photographing at the Mary Hunnewell Foot Bridge at the Cordingly Dam and Falls. I got what I thought was a lot of good shots, but when I arived at work and was weeding out the shots I would not be using, I erased it all. How? Im not sure. But the camera is getting old,(2 years) and has been beat during it lifetime.

I did however find another great spot to send up a kite and a camera in Newton Upper Falls. Its a ball field that is at 220 feet above sea leval.

More on that later,,,,

Im going back this morning to get more river shots at the dam at the "Lower Falls."

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