Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Ready for the New Season

I'm getting ready for the new season. Funny though, it has me looking at maps rather then spending time on the trainer,trying to improve my power and speed.
As time goes by and the miles add up on the screen of my Garmin 605 it seems as though I'm thinking more about where my bike will take me in this great part of the world and what I might discover. Its always different.

My mind was blown the other day when my good friend Bob Barton pulled out a stone point he found sitting on the ground while camping out by bicycle in Weston. It was dated by comparison charts to be over 11,000 years old. That's eleven thousand. Of course you ask yourself how could it just be sitting there for all that time, But if you know Buddy Bob, He found it without digging.

Wow! It really has me thinking that if in fact there were people here 11,000 years ago, and for the most part surviving, How come it took such a short time to totally mess things up. 300 years of us being here? Maybe less?

Thinking about Bicycle sport has me thinking that why do so many people involve a car to enjoy a ride. Tell any customer that there new car rack will only make it easier to use their car and not there bicycle, and they will agree. Many a rider's sport is to get the ride done in as short of time as possible, Actually, the faster,the better. Constantly checking the average speed and trying to improve things by making there ride faster. Time trials are hot right now.

I like to think that the bike is a way to not use a car. A walking Machine of sorts. I love the constant arrival while pedaling. Traveling by car has you starting at a point, dealing with traffic and travel, and then arriving. I cant begin to write about all the things I have learned, seen and discovered along the way. Its always different. Evan just riding to do the simple daily chores. Always an adventure.

I'm a very lucky man. I have the choice to go by bike. Some of the readers of this blog don't. They would if they could, and honor those who do.
Of course at this time it may be imposable to go back to the days of hunter,gatherer. We need the car to survive the way the Natives needed their stone points, spears and arrows. There are places near to this house that if you try to pass without the use of a motor vehicle, you are truly taking a chance with your life. The heck with Deer Tic, Bumpers can do some serious damage!
Bicycle sport in some folks minds can not do without a car. You need a car, plane, and a shuttle or taxi to get to an event to prove to yourself and others that your really good. If we were all really good, I mean really good, it would still be safe to eat the fish in the Charles River. Right? Chew on that one for a while.

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  1. That find by by Bob Barton is fantastic. Great entry, Scott.


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