Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday's Ride

Six Riders, 40 miles, 17 mph average speed.
This was a fantastic ride. Its always nice to ride with such talented riders that know the roads. Chuck led the ride at a gentleman's pace that allowed pleasant conversation throughout the whole adventure. The North Shore or what is known as "Cape Ann" has numerous back roads with very little traffic. Besides for the pavement, riding at times seemed as if we had gone back in time with all the beautiful antique homes.

We took a short extension out to "Plum Island" and to the Parker River State Park. The smell of the ocean was heaven.
We made a quick stop at the local bicycle shop " Riverside Cycles" to thank the nice folks for sending customers for recumbents my way and then on to the finish.
Back at the Mosley Woods Park, Rich had a charcoal grill going with all our favorite summer foods. The Hot Dogs were the best we have had all summer!
Thank You Rich and Thank you Chuck for leading such a successful and beautiful ride!

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