Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday's Ride.

The return of Rich Pinto brought the group together for a tour and lunch on the roads we love in the Metro West area.
We met at the house here in Dover, Three riders, John Totman, Rich Pinto and myself. Heading to the river and up over Strawberry Hill Street to Wilsondale.
Fast and fun, Rich excited to be back where there are hills didn't stop with the story telling and information about subjects of interest. The pace was moderate and fun.
We covered some of the nicest sections of road one could ever want to ride on the recumbent style bicycle. Places were like tunnels of green and others open.
Cool and comfortable was the weather with big puffy fair weather clouds,
We did our lunch stop at our new favorite spot in Holliston, Casey's for Pizza and Beer. A wonderful lunch as always with more story's.
A fantastic ride that no one I know would not enjoy.
Here are some of the photos:

Aerocycle and the CA-2.0 Pinto's first and his latest design,

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