Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Nashua River Rail Trail

Twenty Four miles of true cycling bliss!
We had the pleasure of riding a new route today, Hot as it might have seemed, we were in total shade for 95 percent of the whole ride. Times were so nice, it brought up thoughts of summers past and times spent in the wood as a child.
Our plan was to check out the trail so we could schedule rides with other friends at a later date. Part of a series of sorts, we could do a 4 part rail trail ride and lunch in the fall.
The Nashua River Rail Trail Covers a fair amount of farm land, Wetlands and pine forest. At times the trail had two distinctive tracks through red pine needles.Just lovely.

The shortest of the 4 trails I covered in the past month, the trail would be perfect for a quick ride in a cold day or for when time is short. Perfect for children and adults alike.
All paved with all safe road crossings, we made our way from the northern most part to lunch at a great spot in Ayre. We met up with our friend Danni at an Irish Pub called "J.P. O'Hanlon's", in Ayre center, just a block from the trail and enjoyed great food with fun conversation.


After a lunch of Shepard's Pie, we headed back to the start at speed. Long stretches without street crossing can be enjoyed in total tree cover.
This is a very sweet trail. Super smooth and very well kept.


  1. Love this trail. It's my 'sprint ride' -- about 6 mi from the house and pretty flat (it's an old railbed) so it makes a good quick ride...

    It's nice and shady, and there are a couple of places you can stop & fish, or just enjoy the wildlife. The Pepperell Sky Diving School is just off the trail too, so sometimes the plane comes in really low and can seem like it's right on top of you!

    This trail is especially nice in the Fall.

  2. I spent my 1st 75 recumbent miles on that trail. It took me awhile to transition from an upright to a bent. It was a great place to feel things out without worrying about traffic. I used to live in Nashua, and I spent many weekends at the Pepperell Airport flying gliders. I once flew a glider from Pepperell to Concord, NH, and almost made it back to Pepperell <:) The glider club has since moved to the Sterling airport. The Granite State Wheelmen use that trail on occaision as well.

    The trail can get a bit dicey in the fall because the pine needles tend to accumulate. None the less, it's a wonderful trail.


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