Friday, June 18, 2010

The Farmington River Trail

Wednesday we had the pleasure to ride the north end of the Farmington River Trail.

Starting in Southwick, Ma., at that point on the southern Massachusetts border that dips down into Connecticut, We parked the car and headed south. Crossing the border in the woods on a super smooth path, we traveled in total canopy at times and at other times in the open crossing huge fields. Mostly flat with very few cyclists, we seemed to have the trail to ourselves.
The weather was cloud cover, making it unnecessary for having to wear sunscreen, Cool and comfortable.
The trail covers farm land in use. Places that seemed to have possably have grown Tobacco in the past, now large gardens of nursery stock.
We traveled along Route 202 for a short while and into the town of Simsbury,
It was then close enough to lunch time that we decided to go looking for a spot for a bite.
Less then 100 yards off the trail we came across a spot called "Plan B"
After locking the bike I went inside an after one glance realized we were in for a good time.
The name Plan B, seems like a second thought or something, but after thinking about it realized that Plan B stood for, Burgers, Beer, Bourbon, and Beef.

The music was classic rock and the craft beer selection huge. There wasn't Bud or Bud Light anywhere to be seen, Really.

Our Waitress, Aaron was a Sweetheart, She came right over and with a huge smile asked us both our names. She continued to call us by name for the rest of our stay. What a blast. I could only think of all my friends that would truly be in Heaven with us at this surprise spot, One of the best here in the States that Barb and I have every fallen across. We will return.

We headed out after a great lunch south to a point where we felt the first drop of rain. At that point it was 1:40 and turning around at that point would have us home in Dover just before rush hour.
We finished our first trip on the Farmington River Trail in light rain and just in time for it to start to come down harder.
We had ridden about half of the trail and after talking to my friend Warren at the store was told we did the better part.
The trail is very nice and worth the traveling time to get there. Very few cyclists to tangle with, the trail make the perfect get a way for a smooth, fun day of making the bike go! We wont soon forget our lunch spot!
Thank you Paula for the recommendation and thank you Aaron for such great service at now our all time favorite lunch spot!

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  1. Hey Scott!! Glad you and Barb got out to the Farmington River Trail. Now I can't wait to go do it again and check out Plan B!! Sounds awesome. Paula


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