Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The East Bay Bike Path

What a beautiful day and what a beautiful place to ride.
We short cutted the ride and took the car down to East Providence to the start of the East Bay Bike Path.
14.5 miles of southern New England views and smells. The trail one of the oldest is also one of the narrowest. In great shape and well maintained. The trail heads along the East shore of Narragansett bay from East Providence to Bristol RI.
We started out in the cool but sunny weather. As we went along we noticed the clouds starting to gather. The first drop was felt by Barbara and soon later we were in a spring shower with a constant 15 mph tail wind.
The end of the trail comes to a classic Clam Shack by the name of Quito's. It is everything you would expect. On the water with a covered deck, for day's like this, all the tables were filled.
We found seats at the Bar and settled down to a full on New England Dinner of Clams, Fresh Fish and Maryland soft shell Crab,
A wonderful feast, maybe not suited for a bike ride, but once a year, a must!
As we were finishing we noticed the sun coming back out, but by now it was so windy that the deck was clearing out and moving indoors.
We headed out into the head wind and the shower.
Soon after we got under way and off the shore line, it became dry again and warm.
We finished the ride on a dry path in the sun.
At the last mile while standing along the trail we were passed by a Bacchetta Corsa 24. I yelled out, "Hey, Where did you get that bike?"
The rider yelled, "Belmont!"
I knew it! I sold that bike to the rider. We got back to the parking lot and chatted for a while. The rider is a great Gal by the name of Paula. She was totally surprised to see me and the moment she reconized me said "Welcome to Rhode Island!"
She told us of a trail we need to ride in Connecticut that goes from Hartford to North Hampton, Ma. Possibly next week.
Sorry for no photos. I just did not take the camera out today because of the wet. You will just have to see it for yourself! It so worth the trip!




  1. I'd heard that the East Bay Bike Path was a good ride. But I'm *really* intrigued about a trail from Hartford to NoHo... That sounds like a *really* good ride.

  2. Scott,
    I have been trying to keep Quito's a secret for years. Now you've blown it! When I got my Saber from you in 2003, I was riding the EBBP twice a week. (The path goes through my historic birthplace of RIverside, RI.)

  3. Farmington Valley Greenway runs from Farmington (west of Hartford) north to the CT border in Suffield. I've ridden all of it and its a great trail to ride.


    The Southwick Trail continues at the MA line and goes a few more miles into Southwick, but then theres a 12.5 mile gap (road riding) to the Manhan Trail in Easthampton which then gets you to Northampton.

    In case you haven't checked it out yet, Google Maps now has rail trails included courtesy of the RTC. Bring up the area in question in Google Maps maps.google.com and then select Bicycling under the 'more' menu. Trails will be highlighted in green....


    Still trying to sell my Slipstream so I can get a Giro 26ATT :-)


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