Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rain Cape Caper

My friend Dave and Recumbent cyclist told me about a new way of dealing with the rain. The Rain Cape.
Years ago, I saw a full Schwinn catalog. All the things you don't see in the stores.
Early 60's were the the beginning for me and at the time when it was all new. Things I saw were very strange, but very cool.
Bicycle helmets like black straps. Later known as "hair nets". Mud flaps for fenders that were stock in the 60'. And a thing called a 'Nor Wester" Named after an English Storm from the North West. Straight from the "States" and most likely New England. The Nor Wester rain cape was designed as a roof to a poor man's car. The bicycle.

Totally covering the upper body with a hood. Thumb hooks for your hands to bridge the rain that hit you in the chest.
Total rain cover and slightly Aerodynamic, The Nor Wester kept a body dry in a sudden shower.
My friend Dave wrote me about his new discovery. Funny, I never tryed the rain cape on a recumbent let alone on a under seat steering style bicycle.
Turns out the bridge between your chin and your knees cause a lake.

Somewhere in the Northwest section of the UK there is a lake called Dave, Its in Cornwall or Devon, But its there. If it doesn't exist, it did. Here in New England, First.

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