Friday, March 5, 2010

Warmer Days mean Longer Rides

You may have not noticed, but things are getting greener.
Plants are starting to pop up and buds on the trees are starting to show. Like smoke before the fire, the red hue to the tree tops is the first sign.
Saturday on the way to work, I stopped on the side of the road when I heard lots of bird chirping coming from the top of 8 trees. They were Red Wing Black Birds that had just arrived back to their Spring and Summer Home. There were over 1000 of them and they sounded very happy to be back.
Warmer weather means longer rides to me. Painless riding and when you can leave layers of clothing at home, its always good.
It wont be long now that we will hear the sound of the Spring Peepers on the evening air. Truly my favorite Harbinger of Spring and a sure sign that we will have warm weather to enjoy being outdoors again. I cant wait!

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