Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Trestle

One of my favorite spots in Southern New England is a spot known as the "Trestle"
Everyone we know has been there. Its hard to see the spectacular detail from your car as you drive over, but under the Mass Pike at near the Shereton Terra in Framingham there is one of the most delightful gallery's of urban Art you could ever imagine.
The Trestle is actually a rail road underpass of the pike by a Trestle near by. You might have noticed the real Trestle to your right while in a car on the Pike. At that point. you have just driven over it.
I first discovered the Trestle for myself while doing an off road ride West to Worcester about 25 years ago.
I was once told by the only person I have ever seen painting that people come from all over the world to paint there. We got a mini tour one day and were shown some of the Art that was of particular interest to the fellow we met painting.
Art for Art sake and not for money, some of these huge murals only last a day or two before they are painted over. Because of there short lived time on the walls of the Trestle, every visit has something new to see.
The Trestle is open for viewing every day of the week and every hour of the day. Admission is free and you will never see a sign asking for donations. Eating and drinking is alowed and if you don't like something, paint over it.
I enjoy it all. Some of the paintings are spectacular. Most are 10' tall and 15' wide. Something you really have to experience in person.
Here are some of my favorite:

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