Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Stone Bridge at Old Stonbridge Road

Although its not really clear exactly how old the Stone Bridge at Old Stonbridge Road is, it is one of the oldest in the country.
This beautiful spot in Wayland,Ma has written history and is part of the route that General Knox took from Fort Ticonderoga to Cambridge to supply General Washington with canons.

The old stone bridge doesn't quite make it across the Sudbury River. It looks as if there were at one time a wooden draw bridge at the end and the water's deeper side for possibly barge movement on the river. Like a large stone dock into the river, the end would make a lovely picnic spot.
High water at this time doesn't show the full size of the stone arch's, but overgrowth during the Spring Summer and Fall hide a lot of the great stone work.
Something to see, check the map on the link for a visit. Like going back in time, the bridge is a fantastic stop on a ride from Boston out to the Wayside Inn for a cup on any nice day.

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