Sunday, March 14, 2010

Deep Rain

It rained hard here all night. The wind sounded like morning traffic passing the house, mostly , large trucks.
Boston is said to have recieved 4" last night and the wind is still gusting to 25 MPH.
Not the best weather for enjoying a stroll through the country side, but still, always an adventure.

I have never owned clothing that actually keeps you dry. One pair of rain pants I owned I tested by filling a 6 gallon pail with water and put the pants in it. When I pulled the pants out there was only a gallon left in the bucket. Not Good. The longer you rode, the heaver and wetter you got. I decided it was time to buy a new pair.
Deep rain brings deep puddles. Deep puddles hide deep pot holes. Flat tires caused bu hitting deep pot holes in deep puddles are not good eather.

The purpose of this blog is designed for three basic reasons:

Give the reader enough information so as to cause questions for self reserch. Just enough and not ramble to fill a page.

The second reason for the blog is to get the reader to ride. Ride with their head up and visit beautiful spots in this wonderful part of the world we are so fortunate to live in. Go places and learn while getting fit rather then just riding and seeing what comes up.

The third is the Blog needs to be a positave get away and not just another rant found in most of the blogs I read.

Hmmmm? Riding in the rain? Hey! My guess the road salt is now gone into the ground and the roads are ready for our nice bikes!

Spring Countdown,, 6 Days, 4 Hours, 10 Minuets. 43 seconds, But who's counting?

Photos from todays ride:

The Charles River Trail! Thats Funny!

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