Sunday, March 21, 2010

Joys of Riding a Recumbent

Soon after I first started riding Recumbent I noticed things I had never seen before on any other bicycle.
The "Heads Up" style of riding puts the rider in a position that allows full view of the road ahead. Full view of buildings, signs and Trees.
The view of the trees is one of my favorite. Never before had I full view and when I finnaly got comfortable riding the new style of bicycle, It was like a whole new world.
Evan walking its hard to get full view of trees. Unless you stop and look up, You wont see it all. Walking has me looking down for hazards under foot.
This time of year is especially good for viewing. The tree resembles a huge skeleton hand like thing that over the next 8 weeks will be transformed into green splendor.
Recumbents are not for everybody. Having this different style of Cycling enjoyment truly makes it extra special with the view that sometime, others just don't see.

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