Wednesday, March 23, 2011

East Bay Trail Ride Report

What a great day and what a great ride. Two riders, Thirty miles.
We got to the starting spot a little late taking our time to do things right. With a little stop at East Providence Cycles looking for a 24x1" tube. They had never seen that size, ever. This gave us the feeling that we were no longer at home and in a very different part of the world. (It doesn't take much!)
On the trail by 12:00 we figured that taking our time was best. We bundled up and slow going made our way South along the riderless trail. We pretty much had the trail to ourselves today.
After the first 10 miles we started to smell Stuffies. Maybe it was just me but following my nose we came across this great restaurant by the name of "Jacks". When we walked through the door the waitress asked, "How many Stuffies will you be having today?"
Like a dream come true and at the same time not believing the story for an instant, I said, "Two Please!"
Out they came, in all there stuffed glory!

After getting "stuffed" ourselves, we headed further South along the trail.
Passing people along the way I noticed for the first time, that walkers just were not as surprised with the looks of the recumbent as they use to be from years past. It was almost as if they expected to see us.
Quick fix, We stopped and put on each recumbent a large piece of beach bamboo, Correct me if I'm wrong about the name, But it was when the smiles started again. Everyone noticed the long grass thing and laughed and waved, just like old times.

On the way back we got into a little bit of flurrie action, but never enough to get wet. Just enough though to remind us that "Old Man Winter" wants to come along with us into the spring and not die yet!

All in all a great ride and a fantastic way to spend the day, again, Heads Up, in our favorite part of the world, New England.

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  1. Wicked nice! I like that you "started to smell stuffies". Right along Brickyard Pond I would guess. They put "chouri├žo" in their stuffies at Jack's. Boa comida!


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