Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Perfect Peeper Prank

For those of you that dont know what a Peeper or Spring Peeper is, Its a little peeping noise heard around wet lands at night at this time of year. Made by a tiny tree frog, their call can only be heard for only about 3 weeks after the first warm day and full ice melt. After that Im not sure what happens to them, but for me. Peepers have been my first real sign of Spring. When I first hear them, I know Winter is over. We could get more snow, but after Peepers, It doesn't last long.
Last year a friend of mine, Frank Cunningham, and I went out and recorded Peepers and turned it into a CD of Spring noises. Last week after transferring the recording to two small speakered MP3 players, had a pocket of peepers to take along.
Because no one bothers to look for the frogs, When they hear the peeping, they don't bother to look for the sound source.
Last night with all the ponds still frozen at the Sugar Shack in South Natick, Chris Yoder and I set up the "Pocket Peepers" at the door and went inside to watch them boil sap to Maple Syrup.
It wasn't long before someone went out to check the tank of sap and returned smiling announcing that the Peepers had arrived! Spring is here!
He said it was strange though, They sounded as if they were coming from the wood pile!

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