Wednesday, March 9, 2011

85.66 miles to go . . .

posted by Danni

So today was the first ride of the "Call It Fate" tour for me. It was the coldest ride I've ever done - around 35 degrees. It wasn't too bad, but it was a learning experience. I've heard people say that you have to start the ride out being a bit cold. That doesn't work for me. Why not? Well, I could be wearing my heavy long underwear, ski pants, an anorak covering a heavy fleece sweater, a balaclava, one of those really heavy Russian hats (you know the ones I mean,) scarf, mittens, hand warmers, and toe warmers and I'd STILL start the ride off being cold!! So, the question becomes HOW cold should I be when I start off the ride? The answer . . . colder than I was when I started today. Half way through the ride I was overheating so much that I had to stop and peel off several layers. By the time I caught up with Scott, who very kindly waited for me once he realized I wasn't behind him, he was snoring, sound asleep, leaning on his handlebars at the side of the road. (It must have taken me a lot longer than I thought to strip down.) With a couple of not so gentle pokes, I was able to wake him and we resumed our ride. Next time . . . no fleece shirt!!

I also found out today just how quickly one could get completely out of shape. Somebody once told me that I'd have an easier time riding this year (my second year of riding) even if I didn't ride my bike over the winter. That certainly wasn't the case today!! I couldn't help thinking about that and laughing to myself as I was absolutely dying while trying to make it up the hills. I am SOOO out of shape. And Scott, being the consummate gentleman that he is, upon arriving home exclaimed, "Wow!! Those hills were tough today. They were killing me." However, I was there! I saw him zipping right up the hills until he realized that I had slowed down to a snail's pace. (I'm sure I was just taking in the sights. ;-) In any case, it was extremely kind of Scott to try to make me feel better. That is just one of the many things I love about him!!

And as for being out of shape, there is just one thing I can think of to do to improve the situation - ride more!!! So that is my plan. If anybody wants to ride with me, I would enjoy the company - but PLEASE bring your camera. You will need something to do while waiting for me as I'm taking in the sights on the uphills. You may as well get some photos of those sights while you wait ;-)

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