Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Snow mixed with slush is Snosh. Good for nothing, this mixture of useless part frozen, part liquid mess makes looking out the window from a warm house, sport enough. Snosh sets the mind wandering about warmer dryer days.
My friend Brad was going on the other day about how winter is flying by and soon we will be back on the good bikes enjoing clean streets and sunny stops. He's in San Francisco. Its true that if you find something to do with the winter its easier to deal with, but Snosh? What could you possably do with it besides chill beer. Mabe a Snow cone or Slurpy.
Something I hope it never comes down to having to try. Hungry enough and out of water, maybe, but im afraid that the only good thing about Snosh is that, if you wait, it will, someday, go away.

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  1. But, Dad, you forgot about the awesome sticking powers of snosh. Awful on boots and bikes... but great for throwing!


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