Monday, January 10, 2011

Consider this,

After finding the camera glasses last week and having a blast using them, I have gone back on line and found many more designs that not only take photos but video.
Most of them are under $100.00. Most of the cameras I have found have 8g allowing the user to take up to 4 hours of video. There battery's will work as long and in the cold. I'm not sure about low light.
It is now possible for a rider to head out for a ride and grab their eye protection that will video the whole ride. This is valuable as a safety device and will record the entire ride in case of any driver altercations.
After returning home, by plugging the glasses into their computer, the cyclist can either save or deleate the ride as well as recharge the glasses for the next ride.
Never before has it been so cheap and easy to document on video your ride and have evidence of inconsiderate driving habits.
If the word gets out that most riders are using such a device, things may get safer for cycling with the drivers fear of video evidence of their poor driving habits.

Here are some of the glasses I have found:

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