Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boston's Haymarket Square`

Like going back in time, Haymarket Square is simply put, something to see and another Bosrug cold weather destination.
Only open during daylight hours on Friday and Saturday's, Meat,Cheese,Seafood and Vegetables can be purchased for about half of what it costs in your local grocery store.
Everyone we have dealt with while shopping are super nice. Loving there jobs and happy to help, the vendors talk to each other and direct you to stands that are likely to have what your looking for that they don't.
People from all over Boston can be seen shopping. The real American "Melting Pot" of shoppers that want fresh food and know a bargain.
Best by bicycle, parking is expensive and spots hard to find.
The view and the color is one to remembered nice to repeat weekly. Anyone on a bicycle is smiled at and adds to the color of the square. Take the time to see Haymarket. Finish your ride enjoying dinner with friends loved ones with the fresh food and stories you brought home from Haymarket, on your Bosrug "Cold Weather Destination."

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  1. Awesome photo essay, Scott! I'm about to fit a long tail Xtracycle to my MTB. The first place I'm going to load it up will be Haymarket, I reckon.


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