Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Following Orders

posted by Danni

So, yesterday I saw Mr. Chamberlain who insinuated that I've been remiss in my blog writing duties and he requested that I get back on the job. I must admit, I have been more than reluctant to post anything. You see, my worst fears for the winter have been realized - I've become addicted to riding my bike so, of course, we have had record breaking snow accumulation. And as I had speculated, not riding my bike is an extremely bad thing. I have been getting grumpier and grumpier by the microsecond. It has gotten so bad that even my cat runs and takes cover when I enter a room where she is lounging. So I knew if I were to write I would just whine, complain, and be grumpy which just isn't very pleasant. (See, I was right – I’m whining!)

However, Scott gave me yet another mandate yesterday. After spending a very short while with me and suffering my ill humor he became very insistent that I purchase either snow shoes or cross country skis (or both.) It was very clear to him that I needed to get out and get active. Moreover, it is his claim that if I were to purchase outdoor snow equipment the weather would change just to spite me, and we wouldn't get anymore snow. To that end I am asking if you, or anybody else you know, has some snow shoes or cross country skis to sell. If so, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible. I need to purchase some quickly so I can get back to riding my bike!! ;-)

Wishing-you-crocuses-tulips-and-daffodils-soon'ly yours,

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