Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Minox Camera, MP3, Eyewear

First things first, This is at least my 20th sound system for my bikes. After a day of playing with this new gadget, I'm sold!
It turned out, the only thing that said Minox was the box. Clearly not made by Minox,but made for Minox, the sound is first rate. Super low bass and great highs. (20Hz - 20 KHz) A real treat. The camera lens is wide enough to get everything your eye sees and with enough extra to crop later for a better photo. 1G of memory, the glasses will have enough space to hold 10,000 photos at 1.3 mega pixels each. Battery life is around 6 hours for music and a little less while taking photos. Charging time of the 240 mAH/ 3.7Vmacromolecule polymer li-ion battery is about 2 hours.
There are 3 multi control buttons on the glasses and two on the remote control button for operating the camera discreetly. The on-off is on the left ear stem. You hold it down for about 2 seconds to turn the unit on. Music starts after a short while. songs can be advanced by pushing a button on the top, front of the right ear stem and moved back in their order with the button at the back, top. The music fades out at a nice speed when you change from song to song. Nice touch!
The Volume increases by holding the front right button down for 2 seconds and decreased by holding down the rear.
The remote control button pauses the music with a side button and shoots the photo with the center button. There are 3 audible beeps while taking photos. After the third, you know the photo has been taken. Pressing the side button on the button, resumes the music. Photographs can not be taken while music is being played and music can not be advanced or made louder/softer with the remote.
I am very impressed by the quality of the sunglasses lens, sound of the recordings and the photos. Photos can be shot in very low light, but no movement of camera and subject is important. Thirty dollars for all three is a bargain. I don't expect the deal to last, so get a pair soon if you think it will suit your fancy. This truly a "Techno Weenie's" dream come true! 40 years ago, these would have cost at least $10,000!
One of the nicest things about this, is to not be tied down with a headphone wire to a system in a pack.
The glasses come with an extra clear set of lenses, a hard shell case and a lens cleaning cloth. The remote control button has a little lanyard, to small to fit around a normal sized wrist.

Here are some photos taken with the camera. The first two were at speed with the bicycle at 18 mph second and third, while standing and just looking at what I wanted and the last at 25 mph.
This thing is great!

A steal at $29.99!


PS: Funny thing though, having to plug a pair of sunglasses into a wall outlet to get full use of its design just doesn't seem right!

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