Saturday, January 2, 2010

More Snow Forecasted.

I really like riding in snow. I love the track it makes and plowing through it all. I Have done it enough, 38 years of riding straight through the winters, to know that the best bicycle for the job it one that your planning to throw away. The road salt will slowly eat it away at a rate that you might not notice, but it will. Some folks have told me that there aluminum framed bicycle is invulnerable to salt damage, but its not true. Aluminum may not rust like steel, but it will be damaged by salt, as well as all the parts. Its gotten to the point in my mind, that if I don't have a good "Salt Lick" (what I call my winter bicycle), to me its just not fun. Fenders are an important of any Winter Bicycle. Skinny tires also are a very important part of snow riding. The tire needs to me thin enough to cut down to the black top and not ski on top. Too thin could flat on hidden pot holes so the tire can't be too thin. I have used studded tires. they work great in times of deep snow but ride poorly when the snow has been removed. Studded tires are only available in certain sizes and may not fit your frame. The tires are made in 700c, 26" and 20" sizes only. They work well on ice, but unless your looking for ice, in most cases, I can do without. For me,there's nothing like getting out during the snow. The best time is when there are no cars. Car drivers for the most part, dont like to see another road hazard in their way. I have had drivers stop and tell me just that. I have to agree at the time, but I'm not going to stop. The feeling of being out and returning home to a warm and comfortable house makes the ride something to remember. The new year brings another Winter and more snow. Although I look forward to the Spring, this is what we have to deal with now and the challenge of riding in the slip beats the idea for me of riding on a trainer.

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