Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bear Notch Road by Bicycle

Every summer, Hundreds of cyclists test their skills in the White Mountain National Forest by doing what most refer to as the "Kank."

The Kank, or what is known formally as the Kancamagus Highway is one of the most scenic and mountainous paved roads in New England. Closed to through traffic over the winter, when open can give you a ride you not soon forget. Doing the ride by Recumbent will have you talking about it for weeks.

Once a year, my good friend and long time cycling buddy, Bob Barton, runs an informal event called "The Bob Ride." Not to be confused with the trailer, The Bob Ride heads out of Woodstock off route 3 by bicycle and travels East to the head of Bear Notch Rd.

At the intersection of the Kancamagus Highway and Bear Notch Road you are at 1,260 feet above sea level. After your left turn you descend for just a bit and them climb to the height of 1,620 feet.
Bear notch road is not for the timid. There are many spots on the road where rocks poke up through the black top and places where your bicycle will come up of the ground while descending. Twisty and turny, There is about 13 high speed corners that have you not exactly sure whats going to happen next. Places that you feel safe enough to not touch your brake levers, has you increasing in speed as if you have a jet engine attached to your butt.
The last part of the ride, you drop an amazing 1,000 feet to Route 302 and Barlet Center.
I have experienced speeds up to 54 Miles Per Hour on this road. Under Seat Steering makes things interesting, to say the least. This is a road that will show you what you can do, or not do with any bicycle.
Bear Notch Road is one of those roads I will never forget and when I return will again, Have the time of my life!

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  1. I think they just resurfaced Bear Notch Road in the last year or so.


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