Friday, January 8, 2010

Beyond the Box

I have always had a serious attraction to people who think and live outside the box.
The folks that ether stand out or are hardly noticed in there way of doing things differently. Not for any other reason but "There has got to be a better way." Understanding themselves and not being comfortable with whats normal. Going out on a limb to live there life to its fullest, with the true understanding that "life is too short" and if there not going to do it, it might just never get done.
Because of my attraction to the different, I have met some pretty incredible folk, from all walks of life.
People who know me know I love to be outside the box, and when ever I see an "Odd Ball" I'm an drawn closer then as in most people, away. I tend to ask questions of the "Beyond the Box Thinkers" as to how and why. Its amazing the minds of people I have met by seeking out and simply, asking. The surface eccentricities usually run deep and what you see is never what you get. The interests of the folks that stand out are usually as wide and deep as any ocean.
Everybody has there story, But for most of the people I meet, are afraid to do anything different for what others might think. Of course it's fun to have a secret life, but there are if fact people all around us that are forced into living someone els's life for the sake of looking good and fitting in. I think money plays a big roll in that one.
As in the case of the Recumbent Cyclists. I have met a fair share of "self proclaimed wacko's" that are proud to flaunt there weirdness. (Takes one to know one) But when you check them out, there always into something far deeper and wider then you might ever expect. For the most part, they really don't care what other people think about them and because of it have excelled into finding answers to questions on there own that no one has ever bothered to ask.
I like to take the time to meet people like that. Its a far cut above dealing with the SUV driving Rolex and multi diamond wearing housewife that think she knows it all. The tired business man that has all his ducks in a row. Or the Doctor that thinks that most people are way below him, and for him, nothing to learn. People that think there above anybody on this planet, are not. Closed mindedness is a crippling disease. Do you know that there actully are people who hate Blu Cheese that have never tried it?
I told a friend that I feel sorry for people like them. He said, "I don't feel sorry at all, I just pray."
Life as we know it would not exist if it wasn't for the People beyond the Box. "We would still be living in caves", I can hear a good friend say.
Step up and meet an Odd Ball today. You just might learn something.

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