Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life as a Recumbent Cyclist

You would think things would have changed by now. Recumbents have been available for almost 40 years and a more comfortable style of cycling you would think would have caught on. But Nooooooo!

Mostly everyone knows the riding position. They prefer it while getting comfortable at home. Sit back and put your feet up. Why not? Driving isn't too different. Sit back and put your feet forward. How about cycling? Too weird!

"That's a long chain!" Really, is that the only thing they can say when they look at a recumbent? You have heard it before if you ride one!

Can you just imagine if you had never seen a person riding a horse? How weird would that look? Maybe if our story books as children had people riding recumbents instead of horses?
I mean really, If the public can handle a full grown man riding a Razor scooter, why not a recumbent? Beats me.

For now, I will play the roll as the Odd Ball and hope that someday cyclists may want to get comfortable when they ride.

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  1. I always recommend stepping outside your comfort zone and being a little different.


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