Sunday, November 17, 2013

So whats it going to be, Head first or Feet first?

If there is ever a question of whats to come, I like to move forward slowly and hold my head back. Walking in the dark comes to mind. Not taking a chance with whats up ahead with my head. Leaning forward and going headstrong into the unknown is always a bit chancy.

Bicycle design over the years still has us riding what resembles a horse. Regulations for racing bicycles has governed design over the last 125 years. The bicycle must fall into a designated shape to qualify. Because of this Recumbent design and the head up and back style has never been mainstream.

People want whats familiar in every style. Only a few thinkers outside the box are willing to take the chance of trying something different.

Recumbent design is outside the box. Its not usual and doesn't fit into what most people think a bicycle should look like. People choose a safer design for anything they would want to buy, but familiarity wins out every time.

Fears of how the new design will perform in situations that they are use to. How will they be received using this item and what will their pears think. Pears play a major role in choosing new designs.

Recumbent owners are proud to wave their eccentric flag when it comes to showing off among friends that already know the fun and fantastic style of Recumbent bicycle design. You see this at events. (If you have ever been so lucky to attend one) Sometimes the wackier the better! "Did you see what Joe rode up on?" "No, but I can't wait, he always has the craziest bikes!" I mean really, deep down inside, don't we love people like that?

When all is said and done, one simple question needs to be asked. "When someone swings a car door out in front of you, would you rather hit it with your feet or your head?" The answer is clear and usually gets people thinking. This time with their head and not their feet.

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  1. I hit my head way too many times over the years. Landing on my feet seems like a much less painful way to come to a sudden stop.


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