Monday, October 25, 2010

A Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear.

It just can't be done. Like a Snow Suit from a Sun Dress. There are times that when the real thing is needed there is just no substitute, period.
At this time of year we have customers come to the store getting suited up for Winter and colder riding. Hands and Feet come to mind first and there is a large selection at the store I work at to choose from.
When it comes to gloves, there are all types. I like to think that we have them all but I'm sure even the thickest biggest glove may not be warm enough for some riders.
When it comes to cold feet, Things get confusing. We have a good selection of Winter cycling boots, but many customers think that a Boote will serve the purpose. Not wanting to spend the money on another pair of shoes, they choose to put a cover on there Summer shoe to do the job. First place the shoe usually is too small to put on a heaver sock needed for extra warmth.
I love the customer's look on their face when I answer the question, "Are these waterproof" by looking through the hole for the cleat from the inside and ask, "Would you use these as a boat?"
Bootes for the most part are good for moderate temperatures. Great to reduce wind resistance,they wear out quickly unless you don't walk on them. Simply put, trying to turn a shoe that's good for Summer riding into a shoe for winter use is a bad idea.
The cost of warm feet is cheap as long as you understand a few things. Winters here are not very long, so new boots will last for years with normal use. Cleaning road salt and dirt of of your boots once a week and letting them dry in a good place without high heat will prolong there life. Shoe polish works well too, It has worked for years on all types of foot wear and is no different with cycling boots.
Check out what is out there and try on a few. They all look heaver then they are and when properly sized, feel great.
With the proper foot wear and a nice day Recumbent Cycling with warm feet can be enjoyed long into the colder months.

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