Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pizza Ride, Wednesday, 10-20-10

Come on now, who doesn't like pizza? Even bad pizza is good for at least one slice, just to take the taste test.

Tomorrow we will be doing a Pizza Ride to a place that you can do the taste test and judge for yourself if that this isnt the very best in its area. That's says nothing of course because if there isn't anything in the exact same spot then it wins! Yea!

The ride will be starting at 9:30 in Dover, Ma at 5 Main Street. Bosrug rides stay together so don't be afraid. The ride will be around 20 miles to lunch and another 9 miles back to the start. Of course the last 9 miles will really prove how good the Pizza was and how good an idea a Pizza Ride is!

We plan to be back around 2:00 so long distance travelers can make it back home before rush hours.

This is going to be a great ride. We are are almost at peak color and the temp should be perfect.
Any questions. email me at the address to the right.
Hope to see you all there.


p.s. Since Scott will be leading the ride, chances are highly likely that we will actually find the pizza place. It's so good to have him home!!! Hope to see you tomorrow. -Danni

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