Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Winter

Two of my favorite sayings about dealing with the winter and the cold days ahead are, "To ride through the winter, you need to ride into the winter."
My other is I think a Russian saying that "There is no such thing as bad weather, There is just bad clothing.
Of course pedaling bundled up is hard, but it has never been easier to stay warm and move freely.
The first saying states that to be comfortable during the winter months, you need to ride every day into the Winter and become acclimated over time. As with heat and hotter days, you can become use to the cold and learn what works best to keep you right and nether under dressed or whats worse, over dressed.
Remembering that the body warms up over the first 15 minutes or so is important. I have always gone with the simple rule that if when you first go out and your comfortably warm, then your over dressed.
Years ago, I use to warm up on Rollers and when I was just starting to break a sweat, head out. The first 15 minutes were refreshing and I was then ready to ride.
I now carry a Space Blanket for emergencies. Simple and light, it could save your life.
The Winter months are about to begin. With a little planing and proper gear, You can enjoy the bicycle sport we all love to do here in New England, Recumbent Cycling.

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